18 Great Ways to Increase your Instagram Followers in 2023

Are you looking for ways to increase your Instagram followers for your business or personal account in 2023? If your answer is yes, the platform boasts of over one billion users whom you can easily net to your page with these easy and tested tips!

Instagram is among the top 3 leading social platforms for sharing photos and videos after YouTube and WhatsApp.

70 percent of the +1 billion users are potential clients or will link your account to other prospects.

Increasing your Instagram followers in 2023  is not as hard as it used to be; today people buy followers or pay to boost their posts’ traffic. But this quick fix does not guarantee you will retain your fan base.

Instagram marketing has taken the front in popular media. A huge following means great exposure and unlimited brand visibility. This automatically translates to a huge potential market.

We have gone out of our way and compiled Eighteen in-depth yet simple hacks to grow your Instagram following exponentially without breaking the bank!

FYI, these are tried and tested ways to increase Instagram followers for your business or personal account!

Here we go!

1. Fill A Content Calendar with Great Creative Ideas and Plan a Posting Schedule

Someone using a content planner to help increase their Instagram followers


Great posts are defined by ideas, their delivery, and their optimisation. This is also a rule of thumb when it comes to Instagram brand photos and videos. Your brand has one shot to make a first impression.

The idea is to have engaging and informative content beforehand. Gather your teams at least once a week to brainstorm ideas that focused on trending topics, seasons, holidays, or your overall sales and traffic goals.

Also, if you catch a wave of that spontaneous ideas’ gusto, just be flexible and post them as they come. Creativity with your posts will help you increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

Our recommendation here is to avoid a tentative posting schedule for your ideas. Instead of scrambling for something to post, having a ready library of ideas will keep you paces ahead in the game.

How much you post is purely dependent on your nature of business. You could post several times a day, weekly but keep your feed active.

*Pro tip- Prepare an Instagram content calendar always striving to remind your audience who you are and why you got started. 

2. Post Very High-Quality Images and Videos

a content creator shooting a make up tutorial


Photos and videos posted on your Instagram MUST be crystal-clear if they are to increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

Shots dedicated to your Instagram should be unpixellated because the platform capitalizes on visual impressions.

You cannot afford to post blurry photos and videos that are not well-focused. Poorly done images reduce engagement and could hurt your following and/or brand reputation.

We don’t mean Times Magazine levels of perfect but you get the idea; the focus needs to be on point!

*Pro tip– Go behind the scene of your video production process and share with followers. It inspires people to try it out and relate more to your content! 

3. Try Out Different Filters & Dimensions as one of the ways to increase your Instagram followers in 2023

We are front advocates of having fun while working and we just recommended that you loosen up and explore the dozens of filters available on Instagram!

In fact, why would you miss out on this amazing feature to improve your content’s visuals tenfold!?

Just don’t overdo it keep it creative and make it look naturally original and this will attract users to your account in loads!

There are dozens of photo editing apps available to add that extra touch to your photos besides the inbuilt options on Instagram.

Your image orientation could also span from portrait to landscape if square images don’t seem to do the magic.

The improved images attract fans to your account who don’t want to miss out and this will automatically increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

*Pro tip- recommend a bunch of helpful resources like apps or websites you use to improve your content. 

4. Define your audience using Use Instagram Analytics Persona Research tool

The Instagram business account comes with this free analytics tool that gives several insights into your audience. We recommend that you keep track of your following growth, reach, Impressions, and shares.

These range from gender, age, location, and engagement with your content. They show how your posts and account are performing. The tool is vital to tweak your marketing strategy to increase your Instagram followers in 2023 and finally sales.

This breakdown is a genius tool for defining customer persona. We have greatly capitalized on it to optimize posting schedules for our clientele and this has worked like a charm!

Instagram analytics help to define various metrics and analyze patterns such as how fast an account is growing.

How well would this help you tweak your social media strategy?

*Pro tip- Host polls on Instagram and ask simple yet pertinent questions such as Yes/No responses to get more insight into your audience. 


5. Tag accounts In Your Photos Who Interact with Your Brand

Appearing on other related accounts under their tagged feed is a perfect way to reach people who aren’t following you yet.

Tag your clients on their testimonials or client appreciation posts for instance to tell their followers about your brand.

This will automatically populate the tagged feeds of these first-time or return clients and attract their followers to discover and explore your account. The impression that others are benefiting from your works will attract them and increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

The thing is, sharing the spotlight with other brands and users do not dim your glow. It will generate more followers and ultimately traffic to your accounts.

*Pro tip- Share industry news or trends that may significantly change the industry. 

6. Use branded CTAs and hashtags to Optimise Your Instagram Bio

A well-curated Insta bio features a link, a CTA (Call-to-action), and branded hashtags that gives new visitors a peek at your account.

New users can quickly discover what your brand offers and decide whether to follow you at first glance.

The idea here is simple; don’t sound desperate for a follow as people might mistake your account for a con.

Your Insta bio should depict authenticity by simply telling who you are and what your brand represents that they might be willing to follow.

We recommend that you update this section often to keep up with the dynamic online market and increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

*Pro tip- Invite users to sign up to your email list for updates or coupons.  

7. Include CTAs & Ask Questions In Your Posts description

Spelled out CATs (call-to-action) and articulate questions below your Instagram posts greatly bolster engagement and will increase your Instagram followers exponentially in 2023.

CTAs could be specific to your brand and could include general things like:

  • Learn more – link in bio!
  • Click on follow button if you’d like to see more videos like this!
  • Follow us to always get updates on new arrivals.

Asking relevant questions also shows your audience you care about their interests and what they are looking for. You also get insight on what to post in the future.

*Pro tip- Post and answer a list of FAQs 

8. Add the links to Your Website & Email on the Instagram account To increase your Instagram followers in 2023

Once you have successfully driven traffic to your website using these simple DIY SEO hacks, add your social links icons or embed the Instagram links to your websites.

Your email signature can also be linked to the Instagram account and we also recommend that you add it here to increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

Some plugins can automatically feed your Instagram feeds to your sites directly for people who frequent your website. At the end of the day, this increased traffic will increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

*Pro tip- Develop and update an informative blog site to accompany your Instagram account. 

9. Cross-Post Instagram posts to Twitter & Facebook

You have probably already discovered this interlink that allows you to automatically share content from one social media platform to the rest. Take it from us that this is a magic bullet in your arsenal!

Content cross-posted to your Facebook or Twitter handles channels users back to your Instagram profile thus increasing your following.

Social platforms create a synergistic fit where existing followers on either platform discover you on the other since the footprint will indicate where a post was shared from.

This must-use feature can be automated on your Instagram settings to automatically cross-post your content to other social media platforms.

*Pro tip- Ask your audience how they learned about your account.

10. Increase Brand Reach by Running Contests & Campaigns

Once you have secured a handful of followers, you can keep the stone rolling with simple contests and add campaigns.

Running inspiring Instagram contest campaigns or drawing traffic from your website are good starting points for selling your brand and garnering more followers.

You could simply achieve this by asking your existing users to comment on your posts, like, tag their friends, or use specific hashtags related to your brand.

This kind of engagement exposes your brand and increases your page’s presence to more users online and ultimately increases your Instagram followers.

On top of increasing your Instagram followers, it also bolsters your brand’s awareness thus widening your reach.

*Pro tip- Host a giveaway and show yourself gifting a lucky client! People love those!

11. Watch your competitor’s posts closely

Your competitors have probably discovered a hack on how to find customers and we think you should give it a look.

You only have to be creative about this. Watch out for unique hashtags or media influencers they might have sourced and tweak their marketing strategies to match your brand.

In addition, watch out for their most engaged posts and get clues or inspiration on ideas that could work on your account to increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

While at it, you could also follow users interacting with their content since they might as well be attracted to your account.

*Pro tip- A guest post is a great way to complement each other with other industry players.

12. Interact strategically with potential followers

Remember the saying you have to give something to get something?  Well, when it comes to winning followers on Instagram, you have to follow, like & comment on posts by other users.

Instagram algorithms recognize these interactions and keep channeling traffic your way.

Interacting with potential followers by liking their posts, following them, and commenting on their posts creates a personal tie with them.

First, check on the relevant hashtags you use often to discover users with similar posts and interests as yourself.

Once you have identified a bunch of users with similar interests as yourself, how hard could striking a conversation with them get?

More engagements mean more appearances on other users’ feeds. This also bolsters your authenticity vote significantly!

*Pro tip- share what inspired you to start and the challenges you have overcome along the way. 

13. Use Minimal Text In Your Photos

Save the words for the caption because Instagram is a Visual-content-platform. Too many words in an image are likely to drift interest in your content.

Canva is a perfect tool for making Instagram posts because we want your photos to contain short, captivating statements only!

Your brand logo watermarked on your post sounds like a genius idea, right? Logos & Watermarks On Your Images is a No!

Well, we have discovered that they are more likely to disrupt the user interaction with your post than excite them.

Apparently, Instagram users just want to enjoy the photos. Watermarks and logos on the post distract them.

Try also skilfully placing a bag or mug with your store name within the photo and don’t hesitate to tell them you learned that here *wink *wink.

*Pro tip- skilfully hint at your brand by perhaps shooting with your colors or staff behind-the-scenes displaying your logos but keep this subtle and precise. 


14. Capture your target audience with the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the bread and butter in Instagram lead generation. Instagram hashtags expose your account to numerous users who are searching or have shown interest in the type of content you are creating.

Instagram hashtags have the potential to drastically increase your Instagram followers exponentially, especially when optimized for local businesses even if users do not already follow you.

Hashtag generators like Hashtagify are readily available on the web but ensure you pick the best and most relevant to your content.

Identify the hashtags likely to get the most traction, by adding a # before the keyword. Instagram indicates how many times the word has been used on posts.

How many hashtags do you add to an Instagram post?

Our expert opinion is, to keep them between 5-7. The maximum number is 11, so the Instagram algorithms don’t pick your account as spammy but the platform allows up to 30 hashtags.

Where Should The Hashtags Go On The Instagram Post?

Where to put your Instagram hashtags is simply an aesthetics call. Some users prefer them just below the post while others post them separately as a comment. The difference is basically the same. 

But remember to be consistent with your style to maintain a professionally streamlined appearance on your page.

*Pro tip- post something seasonal or highlight a holiday. 

15. Use Geotags To Reach Local Audiences

Geotags add geographical reference identifications to Instagram posts to describe place names or time stamps. The incredible Instagram feature allows the post or story to live in the tagged location.

Besides your store location, geotags makes people who aren’t following your account almost 80% more likely to find your content. The newly reached users are likely to follow your page.

Any relevant landmark or city near you will automatically direct new users to your account.

Users searching for your product near these locations are highly likely to love your account and in return want to follow your page.

How to create a geotag for your Instagram post

Once you have created the post or story;

  • Click on the Location icon
  • Type the location
  • Scroll down and select Add
  • Type in the Location’s exact address
  • Click Save Custom Place to finish

*Pro tip- post a Tuesday trip to a site.

16. Adding links to Your Bio is an effective way to Increase your Instagram Followers

Links added to Instagram posts become un-clickable and end up annoying your audience.

Do you want the excitement of engaging with your post to turn into a lousy experience instead? Of course not! You want to increase your Instagram followers in 2023!

Direct followers to click links in your bio which lead to your website(s) where all your merchandise is showcased.

While editing your bio, make sure you paste a shortened link in the “link” tab and mention it often in your post descriptions. Bit.ly is a great link-shortening website.

You can also edit the link into one or two meaningful/optimized words instead of a random string of characters.

*Pro tip- Say what you sell and remind followers to buy from you. 

17. Re-post When You Get Tagged To Showcase Positive Reviews

Re-posting posts your account has been tagged on can help you generate extra traction from the feed by the other business or brand.

Instagram for business is highly dependent on social proof and showcasing positive mentions or reviews goes a long way in bolstering your account’s credibility. Proving you share credible content is a guaranteed way to Increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

Instagram’s terms of use dictate that you have written permission before re-posting another user’s content. You can simply DM (Direct Message) them and thank them for their post and request to re-post it on your account.

It is highly likely that they will agree.

Whether you decide to do it manually or use apps like Re-post for Insta, remember to tag the original poster and mention them in the caption.

*Pro tip- Share content from other users


18. Get Your Account Verified

Get verified on IG


That small blue tick beside your username is a way to show that you are an authority on a subject and can in turn help you increase your Instagram followers.

Account verification in all social media platforms increases the account’s credibility, authenticity, and trust tenfold!

Getting verified is a confirmation of trust that your business should strive to stand out from your competition.

Are you wondering how do I get my account verified? 

Before you submit a request to have your account verified, Instagram needs to verify that your account is;

  • Authentic; not a robot run, and that you are in fact, the person or brand represented in the account.
  • Unique- the account should be niche specific representing the unique existence of its content or person.
  • Complete with a bio, and profile photo, and is active with posts and other activities
  • Notable- this means your account needs to be outstanding with highly searched content.

Once this is out of the way, do you know how to submit a request for verification?

  • Tap the upper right corner of your profile
  • Tap the settings button
  • Tap Request verification after tapping Account
  • Fill out the form and tap submit then hope to be Verified.

*Pro tip- post a case study; an in-depth understanding of your target audience or market that will bolster your authenticity as a master in the field. 

Ultimate Takeaways on how to increase your Instagram followers in 2023

Shuffle these great tips and practice them to maximize your reach and increase your Instagram followers in 2023.

Instagram analytics, hashtag research, and posting high-quality content with well-defined CTAs will set your account on the road to verification.

Devote and spend some amount to promote carousel ads since these can be customized to your target users; based on their demographics, behavior, and interests.

There is no one-size-fits-all trick to increase your Instagram followers. With over a billion daily users, Instagram is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and showcasing brand identity.

Consistently employing these tips is the closest thing to your Instagram magic bullet.

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